Every artist has their own tools that they rely on. They also have to rely on their creativity. This is no different with digital art. What is significantly different is the tools that they use.

Difference Between a Digital Artist and a Graphic Designer

Some may think that these are the same but there are differences. The digital artist puts their artistic talents first as a priority. The graphic designer has to be able to solve problems that are visual in nature and be a good communicator. However, most often those involved in these industries are both a digital artist and a designer. To narrow down the main job that a graphic artist has is to understand that they create the artwork that is either going to be used in a project or for display.

Examples of Graphic Artist Works

Without realizing it, many people are exposed to graphic artistry. A good example of this is for slot lovers. When they play the slots, many of the themes have had some direct input from the graphic artist. For example, those who enjoy the slots at bingo.com will be exposed to some wonderful graphic artistry that has been incorporated in the slots by the slot game developers.

Graphic At and Themes

Anyone that has played the slots is well aware that there are many different types of themes. Some are whimsical, and others are very realistic. Both of these require a graphic artist that either specialises in fine art for the realistic slots and the other who specialises in the whimsical art. Without a variation in talents like this, there would not be such a great choice of themes that presently exists in the slot game industry.

Graphic Art and Online Games

Graphic artistry is also present in the many online games that so many people enjoy. Without the artwork that a game possesses the game itself would be extremely boring. A lot of people, when choosing to play an online game, will want one that has quality graphics. What they don’t realise is that without exceptional artwork, the graphics in themselves will do little to satisfy the players.

Animation is something that a lot of people enjoy. It is used in many different ways on the internet. A lot of websites have some type of animation on it. This again is the work of the graphic artist.

What Tools Do Digital Artists Use?

Not every tool that is available is used by every digital artist. Some are a necessity, but others are optional. The choices for these will come down to personal preference. Included in the toolbox for digital artists is a variety of software. Most often, the graphic artist will use the same tools as the graphic designer does. Some of the common tools that digital artists prefer is:

  • Adobe Creative Cloud:

This is software that is beneficial for video editing and web development.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Those who work a lot with raster graphics will usually depend on this software to assist them.

How to Become a Graphic Artist

If a search is done online on how to become a graphic artist, the majority of information provided will revolve around the graphic designer. However, when searching for becoming a graphic illustrator, the information provided is a little different. Most will recommend getting a bachelors degree in graphic design. This is because the majority of employers will stipulate this as a must-have for job applicants.

The graphic artist, aside from education and tools, will need some natural creativity. This is the very skill that makes them stand out as an artist.