Ultimately, as a lover of paintings, several famous paintings excite you. Some of the best pictures, which have gained world recognition, have stood the test of time and always leave a lasting impression on viewers. You may have even visited several galleries and museums to see these outstanding art pieces. Or maybe, you have heard from your friends about these paintings, or even read or watched some videos about the most famous paintings in the world. But do you know which paintings are the most famous? And where are these paintings located? Read on to find out who painted these art pieces and at what time.

Mona Lisa

It’s a no brainer that Mona Lisa is the most famous painting in the world, not to mention that it may be the best painting. It was painted in the western world by the great Leonard da Vinci from 1502 to 1506. Da Vinci completed this art piece in 1519. Mona Lisa is supposedly a portrait of an Italian noblewoman in the name of Lisa Gherardini. This painting is displayed in the Louvre museum, Paris.

Whistler’s Mother

The subtlety and composition of this piece tell it all. The Whistler’s Mother was created by James McNeil Whistler in 1971, and it portrays Whistler’s mother sitting on a chair, and a grey wall can be seen behind. Like Mona Lisa, this painting is displayed in Paris but in a different gallery; Musee d’Orsay.

The Birth of Venus

The Birth of Venus is a picture that depicts a sea goddess emerging from the sea right after her birth. She emerges from the waters fully grown. This painting was made in the mid-1480s and is currently displayed in the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. In essence, this painting is an icon of the Italian Renaissance and was created by Sandro Botticelli.

The Last Supper

The Last Supper, which is a common phrase from the Bible, is another painting by Leonard da Vinci. And it depicts the confusion that arose during the Last Supper when Jesus told his disciples that one of them was going to betray him. Created between 1495 and 1498, this art piece is displayed in the Santa Maria Delle Grazie Monastery in Milan, Italy.

The Starry Night

Undoubtedly this is one of the most well-known paintings of the western world. Currently displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York, the painting depicts swirling sun in the old city of Saint Remy. The Starry Night was painted in 1888 by Vincent van Gogh apparently after he suffered from a mental breakdown. Van Gogh is on record to have chopped off his ear just before he started working on this painting.

Bottom Line

Several paintings are famous due to the images they portray and the messages they convey. Mona Lisa and the other four paintings mentioned above are only but a small list of the best-known art pieces in the world. Other famous paintings you should consider seeing include The Scream, which is displayed in the National Gallery in Oslo, The Girl with a Pearl Earring(also called the Dutch Mona Lisa)- created by Johannes Vermeer in 1665, and the Night Watch by Rembrandt and is located in Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Also, be sure to read about the Guernica painting in Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid, Spain. This painting was created in 1937 and is popular because it depicts the Spanish Civil War.