Some people look at art collecting as their hobby while others look at it as a business opportunity. Either way, a great art collection will actually give you a great fortune. You can easily find an art collection in either a museum or an art gallery.

Art was used in olden days to show the culture of a particular group. It was also used for beauty purposes as it is now. Nowadays, art has been corrupted by some artists and people who are only interested in money made from selling art rather than the true love of art itself. It is now difficult to identify a genuine piece of art for purchase. Here are some methods to identify authentic art.

Try to Find the Original Signature of the Artist

This is actually the easiest way to identify a genuine piece of art. Most artists leave their signatures on a painting as their trademark. You should look to see that the signature is either handwritten or done on the painting using some paint. You should make sure that you compare that signature to an original one to see whether they are a perfect match. There is a high probability of fakeness on a painting if it does not bear a signature on it.

Check the Painting Using a Magnifying Glass

New technology is making it easier for people to produce duplicate paintings. This, on the other hand, has made it harder for art lovers to detect genuine pictures. These print generated paintings can be identified through the help of the magnifying glass. You should place the glass on top of a painting and look through it. If you see small dots which are perfectly arranged then the painting is a fake.

Look Out for a Textured Surface

You should feel some paint waves once you move your hand across the painting. If the picture is smooth, then there is a high chance that the piece of art is fake.

Look for Rough Surfaces in Watercolour Paintings

One should look out for some bumpy painting strokes on the painting. This should be done while holding the painting at a certain angle.

Check for Rough Edges in Canvas Paintings

Canvas painters are known to not bother in having some retouches on the uneven bits that they make on the edges of a painting. This has made all their paintings to have uneven borders. Any canvas painting with perfect edges has a significant probability of being fake.